About Matthew Dunn

Matt Dunn: Illuminating the Creative Tapestry of Southern California Through Web Design, Photography, and Artistry

Born and raised in Southern California, Matt Dunn has always seized the opportunities presented by his diverse surroundings. Living within minutes of the mountains, less than an hour from both the beach and the desert, Matt has found boundless inspiration for his passion: photography. His artistic journey traces back to a deep admiration for the expressive power of art, fostered by his father's captivating watercolor paintings that celebrated the vibrant California beach life.

Matt fondly recalls visiting his father's offices at the DGA (Directors Guild of America), where he was immersed in a sea of colorful markers. At home, his father's watercolor studio resonated with the melodies of blues and classic rock, creating a vivid backdrop for his artistic expressions. These early experiences left an indelible mark on Matt, igniting his own creative ambitions.

In the autumn of 2001, Matt's life took a decisive turn when his mother introduced him to a certification program in Graphic/Web Design. Recognizing Matt's artistic inclinations and sensing his untapped potential, she encouraged him to embark on this creative journey. At the time, he was immersed in construction work, lacking a clear vision for his future. With her guidance, he set off on a path illuminated by creativity and artistry.

Since 2002, Matt has been deeply immersed in the world of web development and design, working with Concrete Network under the guidance of Jim Peterson, an inspiring figure in his life. Jim's mentorship and the opportunities he provided have been instrumental in shaping Matt's career. He remains deeply grateful for the chance Jim afforded him.

During Matt's tenure at Concrete Network, he crossed paths with an individual who would become not only a valued colleague but also a cherished friend—Josh Endres. Josh, a multifaceted creative with an innate talent for art and design, caught Matt's attention. He took Josh under his wing, introducing him to the intricacies of web and graphic design. Their professional relationship blossomed into a deep friendship, and to this day, Josh continues to impress with his exceptional design skills.

Several years ago, Josh ventured into the realm of photography, a move that left Matt captivated by his ability to capture the essence of their world. Josh's expeditions to the Sierra Nevada Mountains yielded awe-inspiring imagery, and it was through his lens that Matt rediscovered his love for photography. Photography, with its unique capacity to freeze moments in time, allows them to unveil the inherent beauty of their surroundings. You can explore Josh's remarkable work at www.joshendres.com.

Explore the creative journey of Matt Dunn, and relish the artistry that emerges from his unique perspectives.

Photo ot Matt Dunn by Jason Huckeba

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